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Science Katta

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Junior Math Lab Kit for Preschool

Regular Price: ₹14,750.00

Special Price ₹12,500.00

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Traditional Dresses for ...

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"Product Description Play a creative game on Indian dresses to know the traditional dresses worn in 16 different states of India Learn the process ...

Paraffin wax for Candles

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Regular Price: ₹185.00

Special Price ₹145.00

Paraffin wax is widely used in making candles, crayon and wax paper, etc. It is used for Decoration, Home Lighting, Birthday, Party, Wedding, ...

Understanding ...

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"Product Description Make different quadrilaterals using a Geo-board to verify different properties like: • If opposite sides are equal or ...

Bone Set Fiber ...

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Product Description - Bone Set Fiber Model Bone Set Fiber Model is fabricated of plastic for purely teaching purpose for Medical students or in ...

Junior Math Lab Kit for ...

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Regular Price: ₹14,750.00

Special Price ₹12,500.00

Product Description - We have the most comprehensive Math kits for the classroom and for Math teachers. These specific problem solving kits are ...

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Laboratory Spring Balance

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"Product Description - The Laboratory Spring Balance ensures high accuracy and precision. Available in 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1000gm, 2000gm, ...

Vernier Caliper

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Vernier caliper has two sets of jaws for measurement in metric units of outside dimension (OD), inside dimension (ID), step, and depth (when depth ...

Day And Night Apparatus ...

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Day And Night Apparatus (With Electric) – For educational Purpose Electric bulb represents the sun is fixed and why do we have day and night. The ...

TDS Meter - Water ...

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TDS meter Water Purity Tester With Temperature Display For RO Service With Built-In Bath Thermometer In a Leather Carry Case. Ideal for commercial. ...

Diesel Engine Model Two ...

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Product Description -the product shows the internal structure of petrol engine 2-stroke & its working. Base: Metal Body: Aluminium & Plastic ...

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